1. adjective
1) (having a taste or smell similar in nature to that of lemon juice or vinegar: Unripe apples are/taste very sour.) agrio, ácido, amargo
2) (having a similar taste as a stage in going bad: sour milk.) agrio, rancio
3) ((of a person, his character etc) discontented, bad-tempered or disagreeable: She was looking very sour this morning.) amargado, áspero

2. verb
(to make or become sour.) agriar(se)
- sourness
sour adj agrio / ácido
lemons have a sour taste los limones tienen un sabor ácido
to go sour agriarse
1 (fruit) ácido,-a, agrio,-a; (milk) cortado,-a, agrio,-a; (wine) agrio,-a
2 (person) amargado,-a, avinagrado,-a; (behaviour, expression) agrio,-a, avinagrado,-a
transitive verb
1 (milk) agriar, cortar
2 (person, relationship) amargar
intransitive verb
1 (milk) agriarse, cortarse; (wine) agriarse
2 (person, character) amargarse, avinagrarse
sour grapes! ¡mala suerte!, ¡te aguantas!
to turn sour / go sour (milk) agriarse, cortarse 2 (wine) agriarse 3 (relationship etc) estropearse, echarse a perder
sour ['saʊər] vi
: agriarse, cortarse (dícese de la leche)
sour vt
: agriar, cortar (leche)
sour adj
1) acid: agrio, ácido (dícese de la fruta, etc.), cortado (dícese de la leche)
2) disagreeable: desagradable, agrio
sour (Taste)
ácido (Sabor) adj.
acedo, -a adj.
acerbo, -a adj.
acre adj.
agraceño, -a adj.
agrio, -a adj.
avinagrado, -a adj.
maleado, -a adj.
áspero, -a adj.
acedar v.
agriar v.
amargar v.
avinagrar v.
malear v.
saʊər, 'saʊə(r)
adjective sourer, sourest
a) (sharp, acid) <fruit/wine> ácido, agrio
b) (spoiled) <milk> agrio, cortado

to go o turn sour — \<\<milk\>\> cortarse, agriarse; \<\<relationship/plan\>\> estropearse, echarse a perder

c) (bad-tempered, disagreeable) agrio, avinagrado

transitive verb
a) \<\<milk\>\> agriar
b) \<\<relationship/occasion\>\> amargar*

vi \<\<milk/cream\>\> agriarse, cortarse
1. ADJ
(compar sourer) (superl sourest)
1) (=not sweet) [fruit, flavour] agrio, ácido; [smell] acre

whisky sour — whisky m sour

that's just sour grapes — eso es simplemente envidia

it was clearly sour grapes on his part — estaba claro que tenía envidia

2) (Agr) [soil] ácido, yermo
3) (=bad) [milk] cortado, agrio; [wine] agrio

to go or turn sour — [milk] cortarse; [wine] agriarse; [plan] venirse abajo

their marriage turned sour — su matrimonio empezó a deteriorarse

their dream of equality for all turned sour — su sueño de igualdad para todos se tornó amargo

does this milk taste sour to you? — ¿te sabe esta leche a cortada?, ¿te sabe esta leche agria?

4) (fig) [person] avinagrado; [expression, look, mood, comment] avinagrado, agrio
2. VT
1) (lit) agriar
2) (fig) [+ person] agriar, amargar; [+ relationship] deteriorar; [+ atmosphere] agriar; [+ outlook, success] empañar
3. VI
1) (lit) [wine] agriarse, volverse agrio; [milk] agriarse, cortarse
2) (fig) [mood, attitude] avinagrarse, agriarse; [relationship] deteriorarse

the atmosphere in the office had soured — el ambiente en la oficina se había vuelto rancio

his financial partners soured on the deal (US) — sus socios financieros se volvieron en contra del acuerdo


sour cream N — nata f or (LAm) crema f agria

* * *
[saʊər, 'saʊə(r)]
adjective sourer, sourest
a) (sharp, acid) <fruit/wine> ácido, agrio
b) (spoiled) <milk> agrio, cortado

to go o turn sour — \<\<milk\>\> cortarse, agriarse; \<\<relationship/plan\>\> estropearse, echarse a perder

c) (bad-tempered, disagreeable) agrio, avinagrado

transitive verb
a) \<\<milk\>\> agriar
b) \<\<relationship/occasion\>\> amargar*

vi \<\<milk/cream\>\> agriarse, cortarse

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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